Letter: Lima …. what a great town

I had lived in Lima most of my life and just recently moved to South Carolina. My husband and I made a trip back to visit family and what a surprise and good feeling of what is right in our former hometown.

We drove around Lima to see the changes and lo and behold a beautiful sign on East Metcalf Street stating, not what we hear on the news or in the newspapers, but about FUNDING THE POLICE, not defunding them. These men and women take care of our cities when we call 911. They do not ignore that. Yes, we have some bad people, but they are everywhere. How many police have been killed in the United States this year? It seems we are doing more damage to our cities because of a few who think they are right and are being paid to open their mouths and destroy some cities.

I am proud of my former town and think there should be a picture of the sign in this newspaper.

Karen Simmons, Mount Pleasant, S.C.


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