Letter: Activity bags a great help

As the Program Manager for Bittersweet at Betty’s Farm, a Day Program for individuals with autism, I would like to express my appreciation and thankfulness to several business that have made generous contributions of various items in support of our Activity Bag Program.

• Art Space Lima – “Art to Go” bags filled with art projects

• Autism Life Center – Sensory bags filled with sensory item, including a textured silicone band and kinetic sand.

• Bluffton Public Library – Books

• Lima Public Library – Reusable bags filled with books and activities.

• Forest Park United Methodist Church – Medals for “Life Skills Special Olympics” activity.

It has been very uplifting and inspiring to know that Betty’s Farm has community partners that are so willing to help in their own ways to serve our participants. The participants looked forward to receiving their activity bag each week knowing that there would be something new to experience from our community partners. Each week these activities assisted our participants to stay engaged and grow as individuals.

Thank you!

Jerry Hunt

Day Program Manager

Bittersweet at Betty’s Farm


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