Letter: Rioters need to be prosecuted

Attention senators, congressmen, women, our president, state and local leaders:

Please know that all true Americans are supporters of Black lives, blue lives, white lives, Native American lives and all real American lives no matter their color.

All lives matter.

We plea for police to use any method such as facial identification, finger-printing or DNA recovered from items thrown by criminal rioters that caused damaged to any federal properties or businesses of honest Americans and that state, county and local leaders ask the assistance of our president to identify these criminals. They should be prosecuted to the max.

These criminals should lose all government benefits, grants, scholarships and assistance they may be receiving.

Police and courts must assist in obtaining the restitution from rioters for the property they damaged, which adds up to the millions of dollars. True Americans support peaceful protests but deny any protection to anyone who violates the law.

Marvin Adams, Elida


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