Letter: What needs to happen

I am writing about the HB-6 legislation concerning the nuclear plants bailout. I urged a ‘NO’ vote, by both of our local state representatives, but they both voted in favor of this legislation.

In light of the recent news articles concerning House Speaker Larry Householder, and the “black cloud” hanging over how this law was passed; I would prefer that HB6 gets repealed in its entirety and not just replaced without a vote of all of the rate payers involved.

The only way that this topic can be transparently resolved is to make this a ballot referendum issue. All of the Ohio ratepayers deserve to weigh the cost verses benefit of providing an operating subsidy for these two nuclear plants.

Let the proponents make their case to the general public and allow us to make up our own mind on continued operation of these two nuclear power plants.

Thomas Laus, Elida


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