Letter: Deep state of destruction

When regressive conservatives can’t, or don’t want to, talk about all the lies and failed actions by their pitiful leader, what they do say is he’s fighting the “deep state.” They can’t define it, they just keep repeating it, over and over and over again.

Well here’s a definition.

The only “deep state” that anyone with a working brain can see is the deep state of destruction that has befallen our country for the last 42 months. Trump has turned out to be the most despicably bigoted, racist, unempathetic, miserably inept excuse for a leader to ever occupy the Oval Office. Hear that? That’s the noise caused by all the clutching of pearls, falling on the feinting couch and gasps by conservatives as they attempt to describe someone who doesn’t just roll over on command like the collective lap dogs these “Always Trumpers” take pride in being.

The problem is, these people can’t stand to have someone give a true job evaluation of their leader because they don’t have a believable comeback. All they can say is “haters will hate” or “libtards are haters” or “but he was chosen by God.” By the way, the latter excuse was used for George W. Bush, too. Now the “Always Trumpers” can’t stand him. That’s because George W. Bush looks like a Rhodes Scholar compared to Trump.

After almost four years, the conservative enablers’ excuses for, or in most cases, their total silence and complicity with Trump’s unpatriotic, deliberate manifestations of willful ignorance and/or total disregard for our government and the rule of law are becoming just too much for a majority of Americans to tolerate anymore.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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