Letter: Pie-in-sky liberal jabber

The recent letter by Lyle Henry about needing more police officers who are not Republicans is a typical example of the liberal pie-in-the-sky belief that their agenda is the answer to all of our problems.

His idea would further politicize the police, and politicization is the biggest problem in policing today. The Democrat mayors of cities like Portland and Seattle are placing their liberal agenda above the law, using their political control of police chiefs to prohibit the arrest of people destroying millions of dollars in property, much of it belonging to taxpayers.

Mr. Henry has not a clue as to how many police officers are Republicans, and neither do I. Of the hundreds that I have personally known, I could not tell you the politics of more than a handful. It is not a normal topic of conversation among police. Officers generally are prohibited from political activity other than voting, which is of course done in secret. Police don’t look at the politics of a situation, they look at impartially enforcing the law.

I can tell you that there is virtually no way to be both an effective police officer and a liberal. It is all but impossible to spend five days a week riding in a police cruiser and maintain a politically liberal attitude. Officers see too much of the damage done to society by the liberal programs of the last 50 years, programs that continue today unabated, expanding, and mostly adding to the problems that they were touted to eliminate.

I have known a few officers who started out as liberals, but that aberration was quickly dispelled.

Don Stratton, Lima


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