Letter: Vets, please fix these feral cats

I talk to many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, even aunts and uncles. Working as a cashier, I talk with my customers, and I’m impressed with their altruism. My grandmother raised me, and I know how important that is to a child.

I would like to add I see that same altruism in regard to feral and homeless cats. Many people are feeding birds and cats. There was one gentleman who I’m not sure could afford feeding cats or if he was buying it for himself. A young lady behind him paid it forward and took care of his bill.

I would like to see the local veterinarians get together and form a consortium to spay and neuter cats at a deeply reduced price. There are many individuals who are feeding feral and homeless cats but cannot afford to have them fixed. It would be a great service for the community.

I have no doubt there will be many negative comments, but I’m used to that. There are kind and generous people, and then there are others. Veterinarians, please consider this. Thank you.

Carole Daley



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