Letter: Cheap shots taken at Treglia

During the last few weeks, there has been some unwarranted criticism of the Allen County Sheriff Matt Treglia, and his department.

Treglia is a man of action and not one who panders to those who would otherwise bash his character simply because he doesn’t adhere to their every whim. Sheriff Treglia made a precise and coherent stance against body cams for his deputies (exorbitant cost to taxpayers and privacy issues ) and because this statement on this matter wasn’t what Lima Mayor Berger wanted to hear, suddenly, Sheriff Treglia is tone deaf.

To accuse Treglia of being so is like sitting atop a very tall ivory tower, shouting “How dare you!??” It’s generic at best. Perhaps these accusations would have some merit if the Allen County Sheriff’s Department was constantly being accused of abusing their possession of power. This has not happened though! When have any of us in Allen County heard of anyone being abused by the Sheriff’s Department? We haven’t. Our Sheriff and his deputy’s enforce the law and do not act above it.

Having known Matt my whole life, I have personally witnessed the kind of person he really is. Words that come to mind when describing Matt are ones that should be synonymous with a man who holds the highest law enforcement office in our county; integrity, hard work, commitment to public service, ethical, compassionate, trustworthy, fair, kind and commitment to protecting our great Constitution so that each and every one of us can continue to live free.

This is exactly what Allen County needs from our elected sheriff.

Jim Hawk, Lima


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