Letter: Honorable soldier deserved better

“Here, right matters.”

That is what Lt. Col. Vindman told his father when his dad found out he was going to testify before Congress. Remember, the Vindmans immigrated to America from Ukraine when the children were very young. His father knew speaking truth to power back there could get you killed.

But the lieutenant colonel did his uniform proud. And did you see his uniform? The Ranger tab, you want tough, try Ranger school. He graduated. Or the Combat Infantryman’s Badge — The CIB, that means you’ve been on the point of the spear, or the Purple Heart, it’s a reminder of the shrapnel still in him from the I.E.D. that tried to kill him. But Commander in Chief Bonespur has no honor, the lieutenant colonel and his twin brother were removed from their National Security jobs as soon as the Republicans in the Senate refused to convict him in his impeachment trial.

The lieutenant colonel was on the slam dunk list for promotion to full bird colonel but the corruption of the Trump administration has alarmingly reached into the military’s promotion system because he has been told that the promotion is not going to happen.

The bluntness of that message was an obvious invitation to retire. So, to the ever lasting shame of the Republicans in Congress, he has chosen that avenue. The president’s co-conspirators in Congress should do the same, but members of the Greatest Generation they are not.

“Here, right matters.”

Clarence Roller, Lima


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