Letter: Ohio, The Swamp of it all!

Ohio the Heart of It All, should be identified as Ohio, The Swamp of It All! While not attracting visitors it should open Ohioans eyes. Establishment minded Republicans have guided Ohio, right into being a purple state, and with a weak Democratic party. Why, power and influence. However, they are heavily liked by party chairman, friends and those who give the speeches to the masses. Guess what, the establishment lead voters fall in line. That doesn’t happen locally too does it? Ever wonder about elections? Many of you certainly say so quietly.

Householder was establishment with Gov. Bob Taft. DeWine was Taft’s lieutenant governor. DeWine loses his Senate seat, wants to be Attorney General and governor too. And the establishment Republicans fall in line. The other recent accused launders were with Kasich, who himself is supporting Joe Biden now. Awake yet Ohio? Awake Allen County? Doubt it. This will be defended righteously, especially by the establishment minded.

Householder challenged speaker, Rep. Ryan Smith, who was supported by many newly elected conservatives, as Trump like Republicans. The establishment wanted the power back from the people. Then, some of the very proponents who pushed these candidates, even county locals, turned on them and questioned their support for Ryan; teaching establishment ways. Speaker Smith was even supported by Congressman Jim Jordan; the face (and shirt) of a bold conservative.

Did Householder utilize his monies in campaigns, victory centers or areas of interest?

More reasons why my political activity has become refocused in the days of establishment minded Republicans. Is Ohio a puddle of the Washington swamp? Knowing how important Ohio is in national politics, it matters.

Brian K. Cheney, Lima


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