Letter: We’re in this together

Apparently those naysayers that don’t wear masks have never heard, “Your freedom to do as you please stops at the other guy’s nose.” Do you not want this pandemic to ever stop?

It stops when we use preventative methods as are many other nations. Are you telling me that all these doctors and scientists don’t know anything. Make sure you’re using common sense not politics! I didn’t think anyone was so selfish that they couldn’t help our/your national health problem.

It doesn’t cost you anything. But then if you keep on with your selfish stubborn attitude it might cost you your life or the lives of your loved ones. I know it’s “just a small” percentage of deaths. But is that death your family member; spouse, parent, child ?

No one wants to wear the mask, but if asked, we should. Have a little common sense.

Stay safe and healthy.

Louise Myers, Cairo


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