Letter: Look … and you will see

Genocide is the deliberate killing of an ethnic minority. Persons of color are four to five times more likely to die of COVID-19 . With no national strategy to defeat the virus, President Trump is facilitating the demise of those who may be inclined to vote for the opposition. Here exist grounds for the charge of genocide by proxy. Approaching 140,000 dead and Trump brags he resembles the Lone Ranger when masked, if only his motives were as honorable.

Putin is offering a bounty on dead U.S. military personnel. This information rose to the level of 90% credible, hence it was included in a presidential briefing. Weeks later trump has offered no condemnation of his idol Vladimir Putin. But our impostor president has approved plans to withdraw 9,500 troops from Germany. This recklessness weakens the NATO alliance, but gladdens the heart of Putin. Bi-partisan measures are being introduced to block trumps perilous scheme.

Trump and his personal Attorney General Barr have removed three prosecutors that were investigating Trump’s criminal enterprise.

DC, Eastern and Southern districts of New York: If you do not look for criminal behavior, it is not found. According to the presidents circuit of logic, if you do not test for COVID-19, the caseload will decrease. If you do not buy a pregnancy test, you are not pregnant.

For those still defending the President, have at it. You are defending the indefensible. But may I suggest, your critical thinking skills are in dire need of honing.

Marilyn Mackey, Elida


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