Letter: Playing loose with the facts

Mr. Nichols (July 14, Your View) seems to be critical of the way two Democratic mayors are handling recent problems of COVID-19 and protests. Of course he chose two of the largest cities out of thousands and one would expect them to have problems a bit larger than say, Lima or Findlay. He complains that Democratically controlled cities are creating a giant petri dish for COVID-19. Perhaps Mr. Nichols should check on the many other cities controlled by Republicans as there are 26 states with Republican governors.

Some of those governors refuse to wear masks as does President Trump. If Mr. Nichols wants to point fingers at two of the largest cities for the petri dish, he might instead look to our own president who has held numerous rallies and meetings with thousands of people not social distancing or wearing masks.

He might check out all the eastern coastal states that allowed their cities to open early (beaches included). That is where the outbreaks are now happening. Most protesters that I saw on TV were wearing masks and trying to stay 6 feet apart. Instead of stereotyping Democrats and Republicans, we should be supporting our local leaders as they try to handle a situation unlike any they have seen before.

I hear every day on TV the phrase: We are all in this together. It seems to me that too many people want to place blame, when perhaps, they themselves, don’t follow the rules. Why can’t we all realize how serious this situation is and do our part in help bring it to an end.

Cheryl Fortman, Columbus Grove


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