Letter: Days of old, stay of old

One thousand kudos to the powers that be in Allen County for backing Beth Siebert as the next commissioner. She has demonstrated through decades of service to the fine citizens of this county her financial acumen.

The difficult economic times facing the Allen County taxpayers deserve a fiscally responsible, politically correct official stretching the limited tax revenue slowly trickling in. The times they are changing. Gone are the days of the centeragerians weakly attempting to contest the fall commissioner’s race. One so badly wants fame beyond the meager seat as a township trustee, while the other wants to double his dole from the Allen County retirement fund that nearly equals the wages of three local county residents. A vote for this candidate would in effect afford him the opportunity to double dip, receiving a healthy six-figure income for a part-time position on the backs of county tax payers. The thought of this is a slap in the face to every resident of Allen County.

Thank you Beth Siebert for your continued service! We appreciate you!

Allen Moore, Cloverdale


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