After reading Larry Donaldson’s letter which was published in the July 7th issue, I have come to the conclusion that he is running out of the typical Democratic talking points he usually uses to disparage President Trump. Gone are the references to collusion with the Russians to win the 2016 election, and various other disproved accusations by various Democrat talking heads.

Now he is accusing the president of being against a free press. Please Mr. Donaldson, would you kindly point out the “Free Press” you are referring to? Perhaps you mean CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBC, NBC, The New York Times, or Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post as “Free Press”? I recall watching members of the NBC TV news team actually crying on election night as the results coming in were showing a Trump victory. Richard Engle was especially heartbroken as he sobbed openly on camera.

These news agencies are completely an anathema to a free press. They march lock step with the DNC and actively campaign against our president. They ran the Russian Collusion story for almost four years until current disclosures have shown it to be the witch hunt the president said it was.

I am eagerly looking forward to future indictments of various members of the Deep State up to and including those who held the highest offices. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Donaldson reacts to the “free press” coverage of these cases.

Yes Mr. Donaldson, Election Day cannot get here soon enough for me either. MAGA!

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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