Letter: Treglia has two choices

Imagine having an ego so fragile that by reading Mayor Berger’s media release offering solidarity and action for the black community in Lima, the best response is one blaming privacy laws, cost, and finger-pointing.

Imagine responding to a statement from the mayor that encourages action to be taken to stand up for the black community with a tone-deaf declaration that the Allen County Sheriff’s Office is the one being bullied.

This is exactly what Sherriff Matt Treglia did after reading the mayor’s release.

This isn’t the response that Allen County needs from its leaders in law enforcement. Instead of working with the local black community leaders, creating dialogue, and standing in solidarity with the community, Matt Treglia shovels out excuses, blame, and disrespect from a position of power in our county. This same position that until 2017 was held by a man that is currently serving time in a federal prison for bribery, extortion, and lying to the FBI while serving as county sherriff.

It’s time for Matt Treglia to either step up and work together with Mayor Berger and the black community or to step down and allow someone who won’t cast blame and make tone-deaf accusations of bullying. We don’t have a place for ignorance and partisanship in this fight. Now is a time of action and leadership here in our local community.

Kris Knight, Lima


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