Letter: Democrats need to look in a mirror

The past nearly four years, Democrats have called President Trump a liar, a racist and a hater. But the reality is, they were merely describing themselves.

Democrats have made false claims against Brett Kavanuagh, Michael Flynn and President Trump, all in their effort to destroy this presidency. All of their lies have been proven to be false, not one charge has merit.

Democrats are responsible for the KKK, BLM and Antifa. They have whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, and Antifa hates anyone that opposes their socialist agenda. Donations to BLM goes to the Democrat party, fact check it if you don’t believe me. Liberals have blacks doing their dirty work all while they reap the financial benefits.Sounds like modern day slavery, yet the black community continues to vote their masters back into office. Now these people are tearing down our history, they hate our flag, our National Anthem is somehow considered “racist.” Minnesota is abolishing the police only to replace law enforcement with Muslim rule which is nothing more than Sharia Law. How can people support this evil concept?

America is the last foothold of freedom and liberty, there is no other place left on earth. How can any person support a party that cheers about killing innocent babies and hates everything that this country stands for?

Liberals claim walls are “immoral,”, guns need confiscated, yet when they set up their Liberal utopia called Chaz then Chop, the first thing they did was put up walls and brandish weapons.

Democratic leaders accuse their opponents of the very thing they do, a lesson straight from the socialist playbook. People need to wake up and realize the Democrat party of old is gone. Racial leftist have taken control, hell bent on the total destruction of our nation. May God have mercy on us if they get their chance.

Jerry L. Hall, Uniopolis


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