Letter: The image of Jesus

I would like to laud Dr. Jessica Johnson’s column of July 8th and her views. I would like to focus on the controversy of the image of Jesus.

True most of our images of Jesus here in the United States are of a White European. Our ancestors who settled this land were as such. But does that mean these images should be torn down? I hardly think so. (I would hate to be before God with that on my hands.)

God is spirit. He can appear in whatever race He wants to. When He was on earth He took the form of a Middle Eastern man. If He had done otherwise, wouldn’t people have shied away from him? He came as He did so people could approach him. Wouldn’t people fear if they saw someone other than their own kind? His message would be harder to get through. Jesus can appear however He wants.

I looked through the internet, and there are plenty of pictures of Jesus of all races, Oriental, African American, White, etc. Take your pick. In a bi-racial church, you can have one race as the Good Shepherd, and the other race as Jesus teaching the crowds.

(It can be worked out.) Give the other image to another church; maybe one starting out, but don’t desecrate it. There’s no reason for this to be a source of division in God’s church. There are plenty of artists in our churches who can do the job. Look at how God has inspired artists of all races. I challenge doubters to look on the internet.

My God is not a God of anger and division. Let’s not make this issue be a source of it.

Marlene Schulze, Lima


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