Letter: Numbers reflect loss of respect

It seems to me that Americans of today are hypocrites The people cry and protest the death of one man (which was definitly a wrong doing) when other things with much larger consequences are ignored.

Approximently 40 to 50 million innocent babies are abort every year ( 125,000 abortions a day). There were 2,400 military personnel killed in 2019 and 90 from January to March of this year. Thirty eight police officers were fatally shot in 2019 while on duty. According to the FBI data from 2013, there were 3,005 white murders committed in the U.S. Of these, 2,509, or 83.5%, were by whites and 409, or 13.6%, were by blacks. There were 2,419 black murders committed during this same time, 2,245, or 90% were by blacks and 189, or 7.6%, were by whites.

When you look at these numbers, where has been the public concern for these people. When has our elected public officials taken a knee or expressed concern for all those lost lives.

We live in a country where we have more freedom to express ourselves and worship as we please. Where our accomplishments can be as big as our dreams and hard work make them. So little is asked of each individual. Love our country (it has given us so much). Honor our flag. And respect each other.

Dianne Smith, Lima


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