Letter: We must demand a better future

The June rallies in Lima showed that we, as a community, want to see action to address racism and build a better world.

What do those changes look like?

Mayor David Berger and the Lima African American Chamber of Commerce identified concrete ways to address systemic racism and violence.

The actions identified include:

• Diversifying the boards that govern local public organizations and non-profits;

• Creating a Human Relations Commission to enforce civil rights;

• Having law enforcement agencies throughout the county join the Lima Police Department in adopting body cameras;

• Increasing Civil Service eligibility;

• Ensuring non-discriminatory employment practices; and (6) advancing economic inclusion strategies, including small business supports, equitable procurement and contracting, collecting data, and building new partnerships.</p>

More broadly, we need to listen and learn from each other, to make a “daily effort to understand and support each other.”

It’s on each of us to identify how we can support these important and necessary actions. Lima’s City Council and Civil Service Board have taken some steps toward these goals. I look to our leaders to continue their action, and to my fellow citizens to demand that our society create a better future.

Maya Fischhoff, Ada


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