Letter: Compassion? I don’t think so

The Democrat Party promotes itself as the compassionate party. Democrats always cite their strong compassion for …

• victims of racism – yet Democrats ignore racism in the 50 largest cities in which they have an overwhelming majority.

• controlling the spread of COVID19 – yet Democrats accused Trump of inducing panic when he stopped international travel with infected countries.

• infected people – yet, after proclaiming that his state was prepared for the pandemic and after finding that it was not, the highly touted Democrat governor of New York blamed Trump for his state’s troubles.

• adverse impacts of the pandemic on Americans – yet the congressional Democrats delayed passage of pandemic relief bills by trying to piggy-back unrelated highly political measures on them.

• unions – yet Democrats apply regulations and taxes on employers to the point that it is either move to slave labor countries or go bankrupt.

• retirees – yet Democrats transferred the accumulation of hard-earned worker Federal retirement fund contributions to the general fund to be used for non-retirees and non-citizens.

• children – yet Democrats support, promote, and facilitate the butchering of scores of millions of American babies.

• religious expression – yet Democrats have threatened organizations whose religious expression contradicts the party agenda.,

One could go on and on, but the message clearly indicts Democrats for what they are — compassion fakers who try to warp any issue into a political issue favoring them. Anyone who can kill babies with a clear conscience can do just about anything with a clear conscience to acquire votes and power.

James Powell, Lima


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