Letter:Trump must be re-elected

We have seen the Democrats rallying to Biden because they have nowhere else to go. We heard the socialist wanna bees during the debates as they tried to outdo each other with free stuff and now Biden leans more left to get their vote. We all know that Biden is not a viable candidate, and in particular, we know real believers will be pulling his strings. Ol’ Joe is only an empty suit. He has no ideas of his own, in fact he cannot verbalize even what the puppet masters tell him to say. Every time he comes out of his basement he stumbles and flubs and it will get worse. Who really believes that he will be able to engage in a full blown campaign or debate?

No matter what happens, Biden will not be calling the shots. So who will be? Nancy, Chucky, Hillary, or Obama. We will see who as the campaign goes along. They may sell this as a continuation of Obama’s eight years as he seems to be getting restless, but we must remember the malaise during his eight long years.

Then we have this coronavirus complication the Democrat statists have encouraged but how can anyone think that the Democrats could ever restore the economy as their favorite things, taxes and regulation only strangle the economy.

Donald Trump has shown them the way. We must get the economy going again. Even after all the Democrat shut downs, the economy is beginning to recover, the unemployment numbers are beginning to improve. We cannot run from the Wuhan virus forever. Life must go on and Trump must be re-elected.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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