Letter: Blind leading the blind

It’s hard for Trump supporters, blind loyalists and fact-ignorers that they are, to not believe every lie coming from the leader’s mouth, but the problem with Trump is very simple.

For his entire adult life, after he was financially propped up by his father, he was the boss. He had the total power to hire and fire anyone in his business and to run the business effectively, or into bankruptcy as he did five times. In effect, he was a dictator, an autocrat. Legal in business, but not so much in a democracy.

Then for reasons known only to God and his own over-sized ego, he decided he had to run for the highest office in the land; an elected office, a position he had never held in his life. As a business owner he didn’t have to listen to complaints by his employees or answer to anyone but himself about how he was performing the job.

But, as president and servant of the citizenry, as should happen in a democratic republic, the free press has the complete right and duty to question any, and all, actions by the elected leader. And he hates the scrutiny. He pouts that he’s being picked on. And now all his followers have taken up that mantra and said that the “liberal press” is just out to get him.

To Trump’s true-believers, what they think is the press being out to get him is, in fact, his own words and actions, recorded on digital media by a free press, played back to him and the entire world for everyone’s critique.

Election Day can’t get here soon enough.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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