Letter: Defend the police; not defund police

Every elected official takes an oath to defend the Constitution. The very first paragraph of the Preamble states that one of the purposes of the Constitution is to insure domestic tranquility, yet some of the governors and mayors have allowed anarchists to take over areas of their cities, destroying private and public property with impunity. They encourage lawlessness and withhold police protection from the area, saying they are trying to prevent confrontation. What they are doing is allowing the hostility to build on both sides until the boiling point is reached. Sooner or later, the property owners and normally law-abiding citizens will take the law into their own hands and then vigilante justice will take over. Vigilante justice is never just!

While some politicians are calling for gun control, gun sales are at the highest they have ever been. Why? Because people see what is happening. If politicians withhold police protection, people feel they need to protect themselves. We don’t need to defund the police, we need to defend the police.

There are bad apples in every profession. Politicians, clergy, lawyers, doctors, schoolteachers, all have had their problems. We don’t try to get rid of all of them because of a few who fail to live up to the rules of their profession.

Now is the time to demand that our political leaders restore law and order to our nation. I’m fed up and I hope you are too. Let your local, state, and national leaders know that it is time for them to uphold their oath of office.

Paul F. Janning, Wapakoneta


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