Letter: ‘Black Lives Matter’ to President Trump

Many well meaning people have joined in the “protests” set up by the Black Lives Matter movement. But, do the people organizing these events really care about the lives of black people?

Absolutely not!

The people behind this movement are some of the most godless depraved hypocrites who ever lived. They are doing great harm to the nation and especially to the black community. If these people really cared about the lives of black people they would be concerned about the thousands upon thousands of blacks being killed regularly in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, etc. and aborted by Planned Parenthood. Not one word is said about them. Those leading the Black Lives Matter movement do not care the least about them.

So – who really cares about black people? Every patriotic, freedom loving American citizen does. (Racism, “White Privilege” – give me a break). Who cares about the lives of black people? President Donald J Trump cares. He has done more good for the black community than any President since Abraham Lincoln. Who really cares? Police officers in every city in America care. The greatest friend of blacks is law and order, not chaos, burning, looting, and destroying the property and businesses of totally innocent black people.

Jim Fletcher, Spencerville


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