Letter: Faked out by Trump, Jordan

Here’s a rhetorical question for Trump supporters. Do you really believe Trump when he says he’s going to protect and improve Social Security and Medicare, especially when he has a hypocrite like Jim Jordan in his corner?

Look at what the finely coiffed leader has done so far. His first act as president, when the GOP controlled all the Federal Government, was to give a huge tax cut to the wealthy instead of the middle class, where he had promised they would go during the 2016 campaign. He says nothing when people like Jim Jordan, who voted for the tax cut for the wealthy that was paid for by raiding the U.S. Treasury, but still claims to be a small government advocate. Then after that act of hypocrisy, Jordan claims that we can’t sustain Social Security, even though Social Security adds not a single dime to the federal deficit.

The main reason Social Security isn’t as solvent as it once was is due to the federal vultures that have gotten their hands on big portions of the Social Security Trust Fund and replaced it with IOUs that will never be paid back into the fund.

Many of the people that still think Trump and Jordan are the greatest to ever come down the road depend on their socialized government Social Security check every month, but still have not been able to put two and two together and see what ‘Ol Trumpty Dumpty and Representative “No Coat, but Ready To Scrum” have in store for them and the rest of the country should they both win in November.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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