Letter: Our women, men in blue

They get up, don their uniform and try their best to find from deep within an expectation and hope the day will bring the reward of sacrifice. A cup of coffee, a smile to their wives or husbands during a brief breakfast, and a prayer that all will be this day.

A worry on their spouses’ part that something, anything remains possible that their loved one may encounter a misfortune or tragic event on their watch today. They hope for the best though, and feel an obligation to their fellow citizens to assist and defend the lives and property entrusted to their care. A kiss to spouse and children, a long hug, and it’s off to sometimes an inhospitable world.

They hope for the best, but we know that isn’t always the case. Day upon day the motto “to serve and protect” is with them. Ninety-nine percent of our force are good, brave, and honest individuals realizing an obligation to the public under their charge.

This is born out statistically although some with hidden agendas have a tendency to differ for political opprobrious reason. It also remains a fact that there is a small portion of members of the force who take stage of their position. These individuals must be purged just as bad clans must be held accountable for their insurrections and misuse of public trust. I would, without hesitation, place credit and admiration to the majority of our protective and outstanding police force who, day after day keep us safe and civilized. Without them, we would have anarchy.

If and when you are given the opportunity, smile, employ the elbow bump, and without hesitation, thank them for their service.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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