Letter: Worried parents find comfort

My wife, Jeanne, and I welcomed the birth of our daughter, Josilyn, in December. Both mother and baby were healthy.

Four days after my daughter’s birth, we were scheduled for her first wellness check with her doctor. During this visit they noticed something that was a concern. It required her to get an ultrasound. To newly minted parents, this was something that was very scary.

That very same day we were sent to St. Rita’s for the ultrasound. While in the waiting room an older gentleman struck up a conversation with us and was genuinely concerned for my daughter’s well being. He talked to us about some unfortunate details that his family had experienced, but told us to remain positive and wished us the best. Shortly before we were called back for the procedure he offered us a $50 bill which we were reluctant to accept, but he insisted and told us that we use it to start our daughter a bank account because she’ll be fine and need one in the future.

We said thank you multiple times, but my wife and I have never felt like it was enough. Thankfully things turned out well for our little girl and she is happy, healthy and growing like a weed.

Unfortunately we don’t know the gentleman’s name. We are deeply thankful — not for the money, but for the support he gave to the scared new parents that were complete strangers to him.

Jason Wehri, Ottoville


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