Letter: Scout salute to Uncle Al’s Pizza

I am writing today to tell about the good things that our going on in our community of Gomer.

Our troop and cub pack has been doing recycling in Gomer for more than 25. We have provided this community service project to make our community a better place. As of May 2020, we lost our sponsoring trash recycling company to assist us with this community service project, advising us that it was costing them money to provide this service.

We thought we would have to discontinue this service to the community. At our last recycling day, located at Uncle Al’s Pizza, Al Tyrrell Sr. came out of his business asking us to remove the signs saying it was our last recycling day. He stated he would find sponsors to pay for the invoices each month so the recycling could continue each month through the year.

A big thank you to the Tyrrell family to allow this community service project to continue and to keep the good things going in our community. This is all a part of the Scout slogan to do a good turn daily. Thanks again to Uncle Al’s Pizza.

Dominic Conaway, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 84, Gomer


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