Letter: Where’s the respect for life?

It’s election year and all the outrage by the GOP and conservatives about the loss of life due to abortion is touching and hypocritical especially while the country is in the middle of the worst health care crisis in our lifetime.

Conservatives, who one would think, would stand on the side of life and health based on their so-called reverence for life, can only see dollar signs and how much money they’re losing due to the country taking precautions because of the pandemic.

Conservatives are the first ones to shout from the rooftops to open up the country; the lives and health of American citizens be damned. And the worst one of all, and the one with the biggest mouth, is their beloved president.

Is everyone okay with our unmasked leader pushing for the children of this country to get back to school as soon as the summer is over, regardless of how much the COVID-19 virus is predicted to spread in the coming months?

Whose words will you believe? The words of an habitual liar who shows not the least amount of empathy for the children of the country, or the doctors and scientists who are pushing caution and a more thoughtful effort to get the country back into action? Most Americans are believing the doctors and scientists.

But all you conservatives go ahead and push your children and grandchildren out the door and onto a crowded school bus and then into crowded classrooms. Let’s see if your respect and reverence for life shines through, or you continue to back your leader who pathetically tries to practice medicine without a license.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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