Letter: Give them back their eligibility

An extra year of eligibility in winter and spring sports should be offered to those who graduated from high school in 2020 as well as 2020 juniors.

Why do I care? My youngest child graduated in 2019 and I was not among the best athletes while in high school. Yet, I loved playing sports. An athletes whom I admire was Rick Morrison. He went on to a full scholarship to Ball State University. He played football and baseball and was an All-American and was drafted and played in the NFL for The Chicago Bears.

I did not get my chance to play and start varsity baseball and letter in football until my senior year. So I played 10 years of baseball and five years of football (which I thoroughly enjoyed). Every now and then I will have to get something out of my chest of drawers and in the back I will see my varsity letters and fond and happy memories enter my mind.

The benefits from participating in sports are life-lasting with both physical and mental discipline. An additional year of eligibility could be done. The decision would be up to the student if they want to comeback and participate in the 2020-2021 winter and spring sports seasons. They may be attending a local college or an out of town college or may be full time in the workforce. They may want to make arrangements to come back and participate. Organized Sports are important especially when you are young.

Dave McNett, Lima


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