Letter: A $3 trillion train ride

A trillion is 1,000 billion. That is a number with 12 zeroes behind it.

Someone figured that if you filled a railroad boxcar with $100 bills on pallets, you could get $10 billion in one boxcar. So it would take 100 boxcars filled with $100 bills to make $1 trillion. Now if a boxcar is about 50 feet long, that means it would make a train about 1 mile long.

But wait, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants $3 trillion, so we have a train about three miles long of cars filled with $ 100 bills. Add this to the over 20 trillion already over our heads, would make a train from about Lima to Sidney filled with $100 bills.

This almost makes one think about robbing a train.

Charles Tester, New Knoxville


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