Letter: Flirting with another lockup

Even though I am a strong conservative in my beliefs, I still don’t like big government telling me how to live or run my life. I do believe in God and common sense!

Even though right now we are living a new way of life we all must use common sense. I ask everyone to wear a mask of some kind when in public.

Since stores and restaurants have opened, I have seen people in these places not wearing a mask and not just one or two people either. Even in the big stores, too.

I went to one restaurant drive through which none of the employees inside had mask on. They were all bunched up at the drive through window also. I didn’t eat anything there and drove on when I saw that. Then just this week, I was at a real popular restaurant that has a counter self order. Which they had open inside for carry out. Since the drive line was so long I went in wearing a mask. It turned out even though there was at least 20 customers in line, I was the customer wearing a mask. Some of them were not 6 feet apart! Now the employees were following the rule and they all had mask on. Next time I will stay in the long drive through line.

Let’s show some common sense so so big government will not lock us up again.

Annette Miller, Lima


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