Letter: Editorial stance simply foolish

In an editorial of May 23rd, “Freedom, Kindness Key in Ohio,” The Lima News editorial board commented as follows:

“If someone isn’t afraid of the coronavirus, that’s also OK. The numbers haven’t been as large as originally feared. Scientists learn new things daily about the virus that make our way of handling it seem outdated at times. If they choose not to wear a mask or alter their daily patterns, they have the freedom to make that choice.”

This is just wrongheaded. It is NOT okay not to be afraid of the coronavirus. And by “not afraid” I mean unwilling to take the threat it poses seriously.

Look at what’s happening presently in Sweden and Brazil — countries where the government decided not to impose lockdowns and social distancing measures. The virus is running wild and killing people right and left.

As for scientists “learning new things daily about this virus,” that’s true. And what they are learning, for the most part, is how much more dangerous and deleterious to bodily health the coronavirus is than is the common flu virus. How it is causing possibly irreparable damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, etc.

The most reliable experts are telling us that everyone wearing a mask significantly decreases the chance of virus transmission. That alone should lead any responsible citizen to wear a mask in public. To say that people have the freedom to choose to not to wear a mask may be true at the moment, but that doesn’t change the fact that people not wearing masks at this point are being irresponsible.

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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