Letter: Medical field top of line

I have to wonder if columnist Mark Figley reads the paper he writes for.

He claims freedom was given up by social distancing and home quarantines. Then he says the left and the medical community use this to upend society. Here is a partial list of things he missed:

• Broadway shut down until September.

• Baseball off until July 4 with no fans.

• Marion and Paulding county fairs cancelled.

• $300 million cut to Ohio schools.

To suggest the medical community did this defies common sense.

More than 100 caregivers have died, including doctors and nurses. Did they want this and did anyone believe they accepted this to increase Medicare reimbursements?

No one is pushing these hair-brained ideas. Pray for those who have a loved one in a nursing home or a veteran in their hospitals. They are dangerous.

James Perine, Lima


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