Letter: Name-calling was hurtful

I just now opened today’s Lima News and got to the Your View letters. I don’t need someone telling me or other folks that because all of us are not wearing a mask that we are either “selfish, stupid or a coward.”

Sir, I also had a heart attack and I have chosen as my god-given right in this free country to not wear a mask. I do not appreciate being called selfish, stupid or a coward!

Now if you wish to protect your own health, then you sir are the one to wear the mask, not everyone else, as they are saying in wearing you are protecting your own self. Now, if you wish to go one further, if you are that concerned then don’t go out. Stay inside and wait until the all-clear signs are given. But please, do not call others those cruel, ugly awful names!

Have a nice day.

Kevin and Teresa Klaus, Delphos


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