Letter: Batchelder family offers inspiration

With all the gloomy news of today, it was refreshing to read of the Batchelder family and the virtual adoption of their son, Brycson.

As the father of five children, two of them being adopted, I share in their joy and wish them the very best. With the bombardment of pet “adopting,” pet products, and pet medications, it is good to see people interested in rescuing children instead of animals.

Kudos also to Fricke Boddie, the foster care and adopting supervisor at Children Services. On her first day on the job, she was handed a case that would be hers for nine years — the two children we adopted. She was there for them all those years. She was a shoulder to cry on and the “constant” in their lives.

Thank you, Lima News, for publishing this heart-warming story. We would need it because a few days later the Opinion page wouldt carry a column by racist Leonard Pitts, telling us what a rotten country we live in.

Pastor Robert King, Spencerville


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