Letter: Handing out gold stars

We all know what is needed, but maybe we need a reminder.

Only by working together will we meet this challenge. The virus is here and the question is “now what do we do?”

I would like to write a check for each nurse, doctor, EMS person, etc … in Lima, in Ohio, in the USA, in the world! This is a war and these people are all fighting well. They do not carry a gun and they “save” rather than “take” lives.

Blessings on anyone connected to this war. We did not ask for it. We did not expect it. But we did not run from it. The order of the day was to roll up your sleeves and fight the good fight.

As a former teacher (for 30 years), I know how important a gold star can be and I can still hand them out. A gold star to all the people that are doing their part. Together we can.

George Haver, Lima


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