Mark Figley: Quick to give up, take freedom

By Mark Figley - Guest Columnist

While approximately 1,000 inmates have been released from the Dallas County Jail to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Judge Eric Moye, stepped up and showed his judicial mettle. Moye threw the book at Shelley Luther after she violated orders to keep her salon business closed during the pandemic. Her sentence: seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine, though Moye seemed more upset at Luther’s refusal to beg forgiveness for wanting to feed her children than her non-compliance with the law.

Today, our nation faces a stark reality as authoritarian forces seek to use the coronavirus pandemic to re-order society.

Times of crisis reveal much about so-called leaders and their tendencies to run roughshod over the Constitution in limiting liberty.

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become a poster child in this regard. Part of her “stay-at-home” policy banned the sale of fruit/vegetable plants and garden seed, prohibited the use of motor boats and limited travel for Michiganders between two owned residences within the state. In California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome closed beaches and banned surfers from going in the water. Or take the case of Vermont, where Republican Governor Phil Scott dictated that retailers stop selling “non-essential items” such as electronics and clothing.

How do such edicts limit the spread of the coronavirus?

The abuse of power at the local and state level has also variously included closing campgrounds, shutting down parks (as Tom Brady recently discovered while working out after newly-arriving in Tampa, Florida and in Brighton, Colorado, where police arrested a father in front of his family for playing t-ball with his daughter).

Police haven’t stopped there.

In Philadelphia, 10 officers dragged a passenger off a city bus for not wearing a protective mask. In Rhode Island, three Massachusetts men prohibited from golfing in their own state, were arrested for violating Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s two-week self-quarantine order upon entering a golf course premises. Police in Louisville, Kentucky attempted to prevent drive-in Easter services at the behest of Democrat mayor Greg Fischer, while Virginia cops broke up a 16-person Palm Sunday church service violating Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s ban on gatherings.

Other politicians let their words speak for themselves. Another Dallas judge, Clay Jenkins, urged residents to report neighbors selling cigarettes for “putting profits over public health.” When New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy was asked how much consideration he gave to the Constitution after 15 men were arrested at a rabbi’s funeral for violating a state quarantine order, he admitted, “That’s above my pay grade. I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights in issuing this order.” In lockstep with Moye, after New York’s all-knowing Governor Cuomo was also asked about people wanting to return to work out of sheer survival, he smugly replied, “Economic hardship doesn’t equal death. If you want to go to work, get an essential job.” Honesty is so refreshing.

No one will ever know how much social distancing or stay-in-place orders contributed to the containment of the coronavirus; however, these measures have been strategically imposed to limit individual freedom and commerce in ways that could not have occurred otherwise. Face it; government can manage your life much better than you ever could.

The progressive Left and medical establishment has used the coronavirus to up-end society. States have reportedly enhanced its seriousness by classifying many deaths under the virus despite the presence of other health factors unrelated to it. Doing so has allowed governors and health officials to not only maintain a legal grip over their citizens, but to likely obtain increased federal assistance and Medicare reimbursement.

Even as a gradual re-opening of many states occurs, the longer concern over the virus can be extended, the more chances are reduced that many will have a livelihood to return to or a bright economic future on the horizon. Such desperation breeds anger, resentment and hopelessness which Democrats will seek to blame on the evil Trump in November.

More insidious is the continued long-term effort by Democrats to transform Americans into permanent victims through the fear that it will never be safe to return to work. Thus, having no independent means to support themselves, they are prime candidates for universal basic income. After all, Democrats require a permanent victim class to replenish their voter roles. Illegal aliens, feminists, LGBTQ activists and assorted socialists/communists /anarchists have already bought in to this embedded mindset. How better to convince more Americans that they are better off riding in the wagon, instead of helping to pull it, than through constant fear-mongering instead of a return to normalcy?

The impromptu shutdown imposed upon American society without pushback portends dangerous societal consequences for the future. It has been nothing more than a dry-run by those who seek the elimination of a capitalist, freedom-based society in favor of an authoritarian, control-driven model. Even Pharaoh succumbed to Moses’ demand to, “Let my people go.” The question is, when will that day arrive for us?

By Mark Figley

Guest Columnist

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News. Reach him a

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News. Reach him a

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