Letter: Kent State a tragic accident

I was disturbed when I read the article that Dr. Drew Tiene wrote about the 50th anniversary of the Kent State shooting that occurred on May 4, 1970, during the Vietnam protests.

A movie was made about the Kent State shooting and I remember watching it on TV and seeing right before the shooting occurred that several students were lining up on top of a school building directly behind the guardsmen. At the time of the 10th anniversary I talked to a man who said it bothered him that the truth was not getting out about what really happened that day.

What he describe went along with the movie the first time I saw it. He told me that he had a friend, who was a friend of one of the victims that was portrayed in the movie. His friend was there when the shooting occurred and knew what happened and told him what unfolded.

I was told the real reason why the students were lined up on the roof of the school building. They were popping paper bags! The guardsmen already tired from weeks in military maneuvers were told to go to the Kent State Campus. Along with the abuse they were enduring by the students and the early morning sun coming across an empty field in front of the guardsmen, blinded them making them unable to see anything in front of them didn’t help. They thought they were being shot at.

A few years later I watched the movie again on TV but this time I noticed scenes were cut out and frames where edited out right before the shooting took place. Possibly to cover up what happen?

I can’t believe Dr. Drew Tiene would turn this into a political format for the Democrat party. The Kent State shooting was a tragic accident. It was not the fault of the guardsmen! They were telling the truth.

Sue Brady, Lima


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