Letter: No politician is a saint

In the guest editorial of April 16, the Orlando Sentinel compared the policies of governors Mike DeWine of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida regarding their actions or lack there of during this pandemic.

Gov. DeSantis was portrayed as lacking in response to the pandemic in his state. One caveat the Sentinel conveniently left out was Florida’s Spring Break 2020. Hundreds of thousands of college students violated their own state’s travel restrictions and flocked to the Florida beaches, with the largest concentrations in Broward and Miami Dade counties. Guess where the largest Covid-19 hot spots are in Florida? Broward and Miami Dade. Two weeks ago DeSantis had to impose self-quarantine restrictions because of the huge influx of New York and New Jersey residents trying to get into his state.

While DeWine should and does receive high marks for his mitigation efforts in Ohio, Ohioans should remember this is the same governor who received a 10-cent a gallon gas tax in October 2019 and right out of the box wanted to spend $400 million dollars for renovating highway rest stops instead of roads, bridges and infrastructure.

Also, additional revenue has been collected by the Ohio Department of Taxation when on Sept 1, 2019, the Ohio marketplace facilitator law took effect. Notice tax is applied to all your internet sales, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.? Before DeWine asks for another tax increase, full accountability of revenue received from this law should be made public.

My wife and I have two favorite states: Ohio and Florida (beaches). While a vacation to Florida might be on hold, let’s hope science can provide an end to this national nightmare.

Craig Nichols, Findlay


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