Letter: Time to be serious

After a trip to the grocery store here in Lima, I wonder if residents of this city are taking the pandemic seriously.

Few customers wore masks and none of the cashiers wore masks. Wearing a mask, as recommended by the CDC, is one of the few things we can do to help lower our risk of infection. The corona virus is here in Allen County and the numbers of infected individuals will continue to increase exponentially to how careful we all are. Is it so difficult to put some type of covering over your mouth and nose when you are on an essential errand? Are your elderly relatives or friends worth protecting, even if you don’t feel threatened yourself?

You won’t know you’ve got the corona virus until the symptoms show up, and then it will be too late to protect the people with whom you have been in contact. Right now, the number of infected individuals in this county are low. It’s everyone’s job to do what they can to keep those numbers low.

Danelle Witte, Lima


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