Letter: I fear not; take me first

With current projections of millions of cases of the corona virus in America and possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths, the obvious question is, “Who should have priority for access to the limited availability of medical personnel and resources?”

If I, as a senior citizen, should contract the disease, then I feel that it would be absolutely immoral for me to consume from the limited supply of resources that could be better used to treat minor children and their parents. I’ve had more than 80 years of life on earth, and why should I interfere with people of younger generations having theirs.

And I would strongly implore others in my age group to adopt a similar attitude.

I can understand why a non-believer would want to postpone the inevitable for as long as possible, but I join St. Paul in his challenge, “Where, 0 death, is your victory? Where, 0 grave, is your sting?” (I Corinthians 15:55)

For all who trust the in the blood of Jesus Christ as sufficient payment for the remission of their sins, death is not to be feared, but rather should be celebrated as the occasion of our glorious reunion with the One who created us and who loves us far beyond our capacity to comprehend.

Jacob Early, Cairo


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