Letter: Toss out the garbage

I write to the editorial board in reference to a recent letter which insulted our president by using adjectives about him that no human being deserves.

We are the land of the free and that allows us to have our opinions. You are the professionals who can help our people present their political views in a professional and considerate manner. Nasty name-calling is wrong not matter your political stand. Nasty, name-calling is a technique found on a playground.

The Lima News, as all newspaper, should present themselves as supporters of patrons who will offer complaints rather then useless garbage based on immature and inadequate resources. We have students and parents at home struggling through the basics of education. The Lima News could come alive with letters from the students and parents that express their concerns in proper English and with well-defined resources. Make your news paper a tool of opportunity so that the patrons can rise above the garbage-level letters you are posting.

Margaret M. Heitbrink, Anna


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