Letter: Trump’s a real national leader

For the second time since President Ronald Reagan, we have a president who is a real national leader and a public servant. President Trump is showing he cares about what we as a country are going through these days. He is looking out for the good of the peopley. It is not his fault this pandemic crises has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

President Trump did prepare for what was coming in a timely manner, but Democrats called him a racist when he closed the ports and boarders from China. Where this is the country, China, where it all began.

I am real happy with President Trump! Trump has given us a good country for the past three years until Democrats started problems.

The Democrat party is not for America being a free country anymore. Your Democrat party is a Communist party now! And the main news channels and papers belong to your Communist party now.

President Trump cares about America.

Annett Miller, Lima


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