Letter: ‘The hoax’ was no joke

The United States is not a third world country. We do not have third world poverty, third world physicians or a third world healthcare system, but yet the United States of America has more confirmed cases of the coronavirus than any country on the face of earth. Not even China, where the virus originated from, comes close despite having a population of 1.5 billion people.

A recent column by Mark Figly stated America was lucky to have Trump as our president during this crisis. How then Mark, is it possible for this country to have over twice as much as the next closest country in numbers and even 3 times as much as the country of origin in China? Could it be because the” leader” of this country spent too much time calling this virus “the next Democratic Hoax.”

The reasons why go far beyond that hoax fallacy with the disbanding of the Obama Pandemic team, Trumps defunding of the CDC with massive cuts the last three years. On February 7, the World Health Organization warned this administration about an impending crisis regarding PPE shortages. Later on that same day the United States of America sent 17.8 tons of PPE material to China because as Trump stated, we have this under control.

While Trump talks about his TV ratings during his daily campaign briefing, people that we all know are risking their lives to keep us safe, an unnecessary risk resulting from complete incompetance emanating from the White House.

Charlie Thomas, Lima


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