Letter: Thank you Ohio National Guard

Mizpah Community Center distributes food donated by the West Ohio Food Bank the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Many people in the neighborhood and community depend on these fresh fruits and vegetables to serve their families healthy meals.

Being concerned for our community and volunteers due to COVID-19, Linda Hamilton the CEO of the West Ohio Food Bank, and Mary Monford, the director of Mizpah Community Center, were able to develop a plan that provided food and maintained a safe distance for all involved.

The Ohio National Guard were sent to assist the volunteers to sort, bag and distribute the food to cars as they drove through the Mizpah Community Center parking lot. This group of hard working men and woman from throughout Ohio were a blessing to us at the center. We were able to provide food to over 90 cars in a three-hour period. We would like to extend a big thank you to the Ohio National Guard for their dedication to keeping Ohio residents healthy and safe.

Please remember these women and men along with all our first responders in your prayers.

Jan Dornick,

Mizpah Community Center

Board of Directors


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