Letter: Beautiful thing is happening

As the social worker at Lima Towers, I am experiencing many emotions.

We have been so blessed by the many people who have given to our residents during this time. Teens for Christ came and delivered 200 boxes of food, the food bank brought out 70 commodity boxes, and Cheryl Allen Center shared with us lots of produce and baked goods.

The staff at these programs and the National Guard arrived and gave of their time to help our residents — what a blessing this has all been. The home health nurses and aids continue to come and serve those in need, risking their own health for us.

Our mail carrier has been awesome and the police, paramedics and firefighters have also continued to do what they need to do to keep us healthy and safe. Our residents have given back by helping deliver food, helping keep the community clean and looking out for those who need help.

Thank you all so much for being such a blessing. We will all come out better because of the help we are giving and receiving.

Monica Navarre, Lima


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