Letter: Shutting down election wrong

I look forward to voting every election. It is a right that every American should exercise. Imagine my surprise on March 17 when I was told there is no voting today, the governor canceled it. My reply was that’s impossible. I called the Secretary of State’s office. No voting today.

No authority can cancel a citizen’s right. A right is not a law. Gov. DeWine choose to disregard the citizens of Ohio and cancel that right. He did so without regard for the law, judges authority and under the cover of darkness, when few are watching except his minions and the criminal element who live within this squalid nest.

DeWine was waiting. He’s been honing his governor’s pike for the last three years, envisioning the strike at Trump’s economic successes. Now was his chance. The coronavirus exposed the underbelly of Trump’s economy. Instead of banding together to fight a common foe, DeWine thrusts the pike into our gaining economy, ripping the insides out, causing great harm to Ohioans financial stability, jobs and improving lifestyle.

DeWine is a coward. He directed us to run and hide, bury our head in the sand, cancel gatherings and be afraid. He had everybody on stage fear mongering, threatening citizens with citations, fines even jail time. A true leader would have provided a plan to defeat this virus. Get a weapon. A quick look at a can of Lysol would have brought the weapon to the fight; it kills Human coronavirus and sars coronavirus and so on. We have learned that a $1,200 government payoff is coming, I will return mine in the form of a Trump campaign donation.

Mike Leonardi, Mendon

Editor’s note: Ohio Health Department Director Any Acton issued an order shortly after 10 p.m. March 16 that closed all polling locations in Ohio.


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