Letter: Err on side of caution.

Dear Editor: A letter was published Thursday from Jon Neeper, the third district president of the Ohio Funeral Director Association. An answer was written by David Huckeriede, who didn’t agree with the “interpretation” of the size of the crowd rules. Long and short of it. Having said that, I respectfully disagree with Mr. Huckeriede, whom I happen to like and respect.

Both the governor and Dr. Amy Acton of the Ohio Department of Health clearly stated on Tuesday, March 24, that because a particular business is exempt, doesn’t necessarily exempt them from the crowd size, which actually is 10 people. Most Protestant and Catholic Churches are closed Sundays, we can’t eat in a restaurant, and can’t go to the mall, can’t go to school, sports are canceled. Why? Because we shouldn’t be out in these conditions. In the limited space in a funeral home, mine or anyone’s, you sure can’t guarantee the 6-foot rule.

We, because of providing the final service we can render to a deceased loved one, are exempt from closing our business, but encouraged to use common sense and adhere to crowd size and the 6-foot rule. Like those of us who signed onto the letter, Dave doesn’t want any family or their members or friends becoming ill because they went to a service. If families think that we are in error, by doing what the Federal, and State Governments have asked us to do, then, we err on the side of caution.

Douglas A Wise,

Salm-McGill and Tangeman Funeral Home

Sidney Ohio


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